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Enrolling Clinical Studies



This study will evaluate a long-term efficacy and safety of an orally medication in patients with non-cirrhotic non-alcoholic liver fibrosis stage 2 or 3.


• Male or female over 18 years of age.
• Have record of liver biopsy (score A3 or A4) or Fibroscran (over 6+ Kpa).
• No other psychiatric conditions: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder.
• Patient taking Vitamin E, Statins, Antidepressants or Cardiovascular medications, on stable doses.
• No history of heart conditions or other major disease (Hepatitis, HIV, Anemia, Cancer).
• Diabetic type 2 patients only. Not patients taking Insulin.
• No alcohol abuse or any illegal drug abuse.
• No history of bariatric surgery

Must meet at least 3 of the following criteria:

  1. Obesity​ or hepatic steatosis on ultrasound

  2. ​Type II Diabetes​

  3. Low HDL Cholesterol

  4. High Triglyceride Level

  5. Arterial Hypertension

Study Duration:

This study contains a total of 10 office visits, 3 telephone contacts and 2 liver biopsies over a period of 120 weeks.


This study will pay $104 per office visit, $26 per telephone contact and $500 per biopsy. A total of $2,118 for completing the study.

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